Celeb (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /sel-ehb/

Plural: Celebs

Related: Celebrity

What does Celeb mean?

Celeb is short for Celebrity.

Celeb Synonyms: VIP, Big name, Public figure, Star

Example sentence: “We need to get a celeb in our merch.”

Celeb in songs:

Rap celeb, you got caught up in the web” – GZA, Living In The World Today.

“You leverage your celeb, taking waves over” – Joe Budden, Wake.

“Man must think that I’m a celeb, Cause the whip cost an arm and a leg” – Jme, Test Me.

“I seen a celeb get naked, I seen obsessive behavior, I see famous people all-all o-ver” – Saba, LOGOUT.

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