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63rd (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /sixty-third/

What does 63rd mean?

King Von’s rival block in Chicago.

Example sentence: “King Von frequently raps about 63rd.”

63rd in songs:

“You got some nerve, your shit on the curb, boy we put in work, From 64th, and from 65th, we not from 63rd” – King Von, Crazy Story.

“She started laughin’, she say, “Fuck that nigga, he from 63rd“” – King Von, Took Her to the O.

“Got a text from Herb, he say, “What’s the word?”, I say, “Shit, I’m just coolin’, bitch, I’m not from 63rd“” – King Von, Crazy Story, Pt. 3

I’m from the Lam’, fuck 63rd, but that don’t go for Hype” – Lil Durk, When We Shoot.

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