10 times Young Thug has used “Slatt”

Young Thug is known for coining the word Slatt. Thugger has been using Slatt since 2014 and influenced a lot of rappers to use the word since. Here are 10 times Young Thug has used the term “Slatt” on a song.

  1. Slime Thugger wit’ it Wit’, Slime DK wit it, Slatt” – Young Thug, Stoner. 2014.
  2. “Niggas want smoke with the slatt, we can meet in the kitchen” – Young Thug, Surf. 2019.
  3. “Didn’t I tell you ’bout playin’ with YSL?, Slatt, yeah” – Young Thug, Drippin’. 2016.
  4. Nigga, what you thought? Slatt, slatt, slatt” – Young Thug, Ice Melts. 2017.
  5. Send a lilbitch inside the boy trap, slime him for his utensils And bring it back Slatt, slatt, slatt, whoa” – Young Thug, 730. 2014.
  6. YSL, bitch, I’m the founder, Slatt” – Young Thug, Tattoos.
  7. Nigga had to run ’cause I had meds in my socks, Slatt” – Young Thug, Jumped Out The Window. 2019.
  8. I done went and bought all the set-set-sets, Slatt” – Young Thug, Boy Back. 2019.
  9. I’ll do everybody, yeah, I’ll do ’em, Thugger, Thugger, YSL, slatt” – Young Thug, Wyclef Jean. 2016.
  10. I got a few C’s on a bitch, Got slatt” – Young Thug, What’s the Move. 2019.

10 times Young Thug has used "Slatt"
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10 times Young Thug has used "Slatt"