Weed measurements used by rappers


Here is a list of the most common marijuana measurements used by rappers in hip-hop/rap music. Marijuana is formally measured by an ounce. Below is a complete weed measurements guide: Marijuana quantities and weights.

A gram = Dime bag, 1 or 2 joints worth

3.5 grams = Eighth (1/8 oz)

7 grams = Q or Quarter (1/4 oz)

14 grams = Half (1/2 oz)

28 grams / 1 ounce = Zip, Ounces, Zs, Oz, Os (1 oz)

16 ounces = Pound, Bs, Bricks (16 oz)

35 ounces = Ks, Kilos

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Weed measurements used by rappers
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