Rap Term of the Year 2020: No Kizzy

2020 has been a different year and an interesting one to start the decade for the world. The music industry (at least the touring part) is one of the industries impacted due to the coronavirus. It all started when SXSW announced its cancellation and later Live Nation cancelled all tours. Major artists weren’t able to tour and perform for their fans since March and at the time of this article they still aren’t able to tour.

The past two months, it seems a lot of people have learned to live with the virus, as new statistics have came out and a lot of people are treating it like the flu. Some rappers in the south have been doing shows at clubs, small or private venues.

The Rap Term of the Year 2020 is:

No Kizzy

You would think we would pick Coronavirus, Covid, or Pandemic as the word of the year or you might think WAP, but we choose No Kizzy.

No Kizzy has been used a lot in Hip-Hop music in 2020 and the word is starting to grow. Lil Gotit was one of the first rappers to use No Kizzy when he released his project Hood Baby 2 and the music video for No Kizzy back in July.

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Rappers and producers have been using No Kizzy in lyrics and in their instagram captions. Below are examples of No Kizzy being used in 2020.

I’m wipin’ all those bitches off my radar, no kizzy” – DaBaby, PEEP Hole.

“Need to see somethin’ die, I know who gon’ be my victim
One of these niggas mine, no kizzy” – DaBaby, Brother’s Keeper.

“Lost 100K, no biggie, Make it right back, no kizzy” – Nav, Make It Right Back.

No kizzy, I got ’em Balenci’ socks” – NAV, Turn & Twist.

I’m on the grind and I’ma get it, No cap, nigga, no kizzy” – Yak Gotti, Take It To Trail.

“Ten-carat earrings, a hundred grand, no kizzy” – Lil Yachty, Wock in Stock.

“I just copped a Ruger-57, no kizzy” – Money Man, Precise.

No kizzy, ran with a drake make it sing like drizzy” – Ola Runt, Who Next.

Rap Term of the Year 2020: No Kizzy
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Rap Term of the Year 2020: No Kizzy