Why are Drug Dealers called “Plugs”?

“Who’s your plug”, “I got the plug”, “I know the plug”, “let me connect you to the plug”. For over a decade now drug dealers have been referred to as “plugs” but why are drug dealers called plugs? Let’s explain..

A plug and a dealer are pretty much the same, they both supply or connect you to your illegal drug of choice or substance. A plug back then was someone who supplied large amounts of drugs (ounces of weed, big bags of coke or more) and distributed it to the dealer or the “weed man” who sold to the custy or clientele. As the term “plug” grew, everyone wanted to be the “plug” not the “weed man” so the definition got stripped.

A plug is a connection or an outlet, they are connected to the source. Drug dealers are called Plugs because to the user they are also connected to the source. Over time, the term “Plug” has grown past drugs, a “plug” nowadays is someone who can connect you to anything, not just drugs like Ganja, Yayo, Lean, etc. You can have a shoe plug, a designer plug, a party plug, you can have a plug for anything.

Plugged is from plug; when someone is plugged they have a lot of connections, hence they are “plugged” and connected.

Why are Drug Dealers called "Plugs"?
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Why are Drug Dealers called "Plugs"?