Shhh (slang) Type: interjection, ad-lib, slang Pronunciation: /shhh/ Also spelled or known as: Shh What does Shhh mean? A sound made when asking someone to be quiet. Shhh Synonyms: Hush Example sentence: “Shhh, the show’s boutta start.” Shhh in songs: “Shhh, look over your shoulder, get me?” – Busta Rhymes, Look Over Your Shoulder. “I […]

Skudda skuh

Skudda skuh (slang) Type: noun, slang, adlib Pronunciation: /sku-da-skuh/ Also known or spelled as: Skudda Skudda What does Skudda skuh mean? Let’s get it. Example sentence: “Chief Keef often says skudda skuh.” Skudda skuh in songs: “Skudda skuh, now they seen the cops, click-clack dulah duh, bang” – Chief Keef, Cool. “Pull up on your […]


Slatty (slang) Type: noun, interjection Pronunciation: /sla-at-e/ Related: Slatt, Slime What does Slatty mean? 1. A close friend or friendship. Slatty Synonyms: Homie, Broski, Gang, Bro 2. To be untrustworthy or a snake. Slatty Synonyms: Slimey Example sentence: “I’m boutta go get some food with my slatty.” Slatty in songs: “Slatty, slatty, slatty, slatt, slatt, slatty” […]

Straight up

Straight up (ad-lib) Type: ad-lib, interjection, slang, catchphrase Pronunciation: /stait-up/ Also spelled or known as: Straight-up, Straightup What does Straight up mean? 1. Travis Scott ad-lib. 2. Truthfully and Honestly. Example sentence: “Forget what they’re talking about straight up.” Straight up in songs: “She fill my mind up with ideas, Straight up!, I’m the highest […]