Cocanina reads the Rap Dictionary

Watch and listen to Toronto-based rapper Cocanina as she reads some rap/hip-hop terms, slang, words, and phrases from the first edition of the Rap Dictionary. She gives her thoughts on some of the rap words & shares a story seeing “FBI”. Cocanina reads Buzzed, Dump, Durag, Fein, Heated, Heater, Hipster, Icy, Lackin’, Lamb, and more from the Rap Dictionary.

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Rap Dictionary is a book that includes slang, terms, numbers, phrases, ad-libs, idioms, expressions, currencies & symbols, and more. The official Hip-Hop dictionary. You can purchase a Rap Dictionary on the official DailyRapFacts store, Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Homign, & more.

You can also download the Rap Dictionary App on iOS & Android. Rap Dictionary can be a handy tool to help with understanding Rap/Hip-Hop music.

Cocanina reads the Rap Dictionary
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Cocanina reads the Rap Dictionary