Dinero (slang) Type: noun Pronunciation: /Dine-ro/ What does Dinero mean? Money. Synonyms: Guala, Blue Faces, The Bag, Cheddar, Benji, Stacks, C-Note, Guap, Cheese, Example sentence: “We came up with a good plan for getting this dinero. Money time!” Origin: “Money” in the spanish language is “Dinero”. Dinero in songs: “Hov keep gettin’ that dinero, got it” […]


Dough (slang) Type: noun Pronunciation: /d-oh/ Similar: Bread, What does Dough mean? Money. Synonyms: Guap, Cheese, Guala, Racks, Pesos, Cake, Cheddar Example sentence: “I had to hit a lick and come up on some dough.” Dough in songs: “We GBE dope boys, we got lots of dough, boy” – Chief Keef, Love Sosa. “My flow, […]