Buku (slang) Type: pronoun, slang, determiner Pronunciation: /boo-koo/ What does Buku mean? Many or a lot of. Buku Synonyms: Mad, Odee, Extra, Max, Hella Example sentence: “Don’t stress shawty, i got buku cash.” Buku in songs: “She the devil, she was bad, long weave, buku ass” – Kevin Gates, What If. “I beat yo’ ass, […]


Dat (slang) Type: pronoun, determiner Pronunciation: /da-at/ What does Dat mean? That. Example sentence: “I was just at dat same party you were at.” Dat in songs: “Why you, why you keep that tool like dat?” – Kodak Black, Like Dat. “Who dat boy? Who him is?” – Tyler, the Creator, Who Dat Boy? “We […]


Dis (slang) Type: pronoun, determiner Pronunciation: /d-is/ Sounds like: Diss What does Dis mean? This. Example sentence: “I’m tipsy, i don’t usually get like dis.” Dis in songs: “Dis type ah shit happen everyday” – Popcaan, Blocka. “Playing Lil Durk, “Dis Ain’t What U Want”” – Childish Gambino, II. No Exit. more terms starting with […]


Em (slang) Type: pronoun, contraction, slang Pronunciation: /ehm/ Also spelled or known as: ‘Em What does Em mean? 1. Them. ‘Em is slang and short for Them. 2. Eminem’s nickname. Other Eminem Nicknames: Slim Shady Eminem‘s real name: Marshall Bruce Mathers III Example sentence: “If they don’t want to support your dreams, fuck ’em.” Em […]


Mo’ (slang) Type: determiner, slang Pronunciation: /m-oh/ Also spelled: Mo What does Mo’ mean? More. Mo’ is short and slang for More. Similar to Mo’: Wit’, Bih, Ho, Sho Example sentence: “I want some mo’ of that piff.” Mo’ in songs: “My bitch don’t love me no mo’” – XXXTENTACION, Look At Me!. “Send me […]


Nuffin’ (slang) Type: pronoun, slang Pronunciation: /nuff-in/ Also spelled or known as: Nuffing What does Nuffin’ mean? Nothing. Nuffin’ Synonyms: Zilch, Zip, Nada, Nuffing Example sentence: “I have nuffin’ to do today.” Nuffin’ in songs: “500 on a fitted I ain’t bluffin Back and forth up New York nigga like it ain’t nuffin’” – YBS […]


Nuffing (slang) Type: pronoun, slang Pronunciation: /nuff-in/ Also spelled or known as: Nuffin’ What does Nuffing mean? Nothing. Nuffing Synonyms: Nada, Nuffin’ Example sentence: “These guys aren’t talking about nuffing.” Nuffing in songs: “You seen that girl on my phone and I swear it ain’t nuffing I just know that girl from my school” – […]


Ya (slang) Type: pronoun, slang Pronunciation: /yah/ Related: Yea, Yeah, Yep, Yah, Yup, Yuh What does Ya mean? 1. A variation/form of Yes, a term said in agreement. Ya Synonyms: Yea, Yeah, Yep, Yah, Yup, Yuh 2. You or your. Example sentence: “Let me play it for ya.” Ya in songs: “Conquer, stomp ya, stop […]