Slim Shady

Slim Shady (nickname) Type: noun, slang, nickname Pronunciation: /slim-shade-e/ What does Slim Shady mean? Eminem’s nickname & alter ego. Other Eminem Nicknames: B Rabbit, EMINƎM Eminem’s real name: Marshall Bruce Mathers III Example sentence: “Eminem also goes by Slim Shady.” Slim Shady in songs: “Cause I’m Slim Shady, yes I’m the real Shady” – Eminem, […]


Stan (slang) Type: verb, noun, slang Pronunciation: /st-an/ Plural: Stans What does Stan mean? A stalker fan or super obsessive fan. Stan Synonyms: Fanboy, Stalker, Groupie Coined by: Eminem Origin: “Stan” was coined and popularized in 2000 by Eminem when he released his single “Stan” off his Grammy-winning album The Marshall Mathers LP. Throughout the song Eminem […]