TDE (label) Type: label, acronym Pronunciation: /t-d-e/ What does TDE mean and stand for? Top Dawg Entertainment. Similar: OVO, MMG, QC, 4PF Coined by: Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith Example sentence: “Jay Rock was the first rapper TDE signed.” TDE in songs: “TDE the mafia of the west” – Kendrick Lamar, untitled 02 | 06.23.2014.. “Y’all […]


Thot (slang) Type: noun, adjective, acronym Pronunciation: /tho-t/ Plural: Thots Related: Thottie What does Thot mean? 1. A very promiscuous girl. 2. That Hoe Over There. Synonyms: Skank, Slut, Whore, Hoe, Bird Example sentence: “She fucked the whole gang, she’s a thot.” Thot in songs: “Try but you can never fuck my thot” – Ski […]